Jealousy edges out love. There is no love with the J-word!

My girlfriend has an almost lifelong male friend. I was okay with this when we first started dating, and until now I’ve had nothing to worry about. That is, until last night. She told me he said he loves her. I enquired further and she said her response to him was they would never be anything but friends. Should I be worried? What should I do?


This is not a situation that you should worry about. Everything in life brings you to a crossroads, and clearly your girlfriend has reached those crossroads and chosen your destination instead of her friends. Jealousy will only cause you to waste energy. Love her and accept her as much as she loves and accepts you, or look for an accepting community that will help you find your own sense of self.

Where is your potential?

It is everywhere. You only need to look around you to find it. Where is your creativity? It is within, you only need people to help you find it. Success and creativity will lead to the love that you always wanted, and that love is for yourself You can make the world work for you with love for yourself, but the world will want to work for you if someone else loves you. That is just the way it is. You can find love. It is out there, and within.

It is more important to love yourself than your neighbor (although that is important, too)!

My neighbor is my best friend and I have been in love with him ever since I was a little girl. I’m afraid if I tell him and he does not have feelings for me he will never want to see me again, which is hard because we live next to each other. Is it worth it for me to tell him my feelings?


If you tell him, you will lose the friendship that you two have been building and that is more important than any relationship, especially since he has not told you that he has feelings for you. Be friends, spend time together, and if it was meant to be it will be.

You are never lost!

It is only your backseat driver that tells you you are lost, but that person is lying to you. Is your backseat driver the tiny voice in your head that negates everything you do? Kick that little guy out of your head! Is your backseat driver a toxic friend or family member? Distance yourself. That is the only way to find your true path.

Abuse never equals love! Love yourself and isolate from your past!

My father was abusive to my mother and myself for years until she left him. He called me for the first time in a decade and left a voicemail message that I should call me back and he is sorry about the way he treated us. Should I call him back?


If this man caused you that much pain, you have no reason to communicate with him. Isolate yourself from hatred. If family fills you with rage, isolate yourself from them. But never fear, Mamma Alma will always be there for you.